Cultural Competence Training Services
for Healthcare



    Now more than ever, delivering healthcare services in America involves treating patients from a wide variety of cultures and populations. 

    Providers want to deliver the best care possible to all of their patients.  But, populations who speak foreign languages and have varying cultural backgrounds, sometimes have limited access to healthcare, even when they are seen by their medical teams, due in part to misunderstandings and a lack of available interpreters .  This allows the negative health disparities among minorities to continue.       

     Training participants will learn all about best practices, including the national standards, laws and rules for achieving cultural competence in healthcare, as well as the factors that affect trust, including the operation of  inherent bias, to assist medical practices and their staff in improving delivery of compassionate services to patients of all backgrounds.  

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For more information or to schedule training at your site, contact:  
Maria J. Nape, JD

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